Experience The World: 360 Video Production

We believe the world needs to be experienced – different foods, different cultures, different sorrows, different achievements

With technology getting cheaper and more ubiquitous, we’re adapting high definition 360 Video with VR compatibility to help you experience the world from wherever you are.

The New York Times has committed to their Daily 360, one 360 video every day. The Wall Street Journal, AP, RYOT with Huffington Post – this list is long. VR and immersive technology is the future of storytelling with the power to transport participants to another world, build empathy, and inspire change.

This year Google and Knight Foundation will invest over $500,000 in immersive storytelling. While we have no plans to compete with juggernauts like NYT and Wall Street Journal, we’re excited to experiment with the medium and build best practices in visual storytelling, stereoscopic audio, and new ways to engage participants.

Here is a low resolution preview:

It taught us that camera stabilization is incredibly important, but we also learned how to optimize the workflow for post-processing and it gave us a better sense of how to use the 360 camera as a tool to transport audiences. Instead of finding different static views of the same location, like many of the companies listed above do, we placed it right in the crowd.

We’ll be experimenting more with camera placements in the future as well as WebVR to help you experience the world from whatever device you’re using.

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