Berlin in 360° Photos & Virtual Tours with Google

We believe the world needs to be experienced and we’re starting with Berlin

Utilizing our Google Local Guide Certificationlocalguides, we’re going across Berlin to capture it in all of its 360° beauty. Our goal, weather permitting, is to capture 25 locations by the end of Sunday, 4 March, and 50 by Wednesday, 8 March. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but few photographers and media producers capturing 360° photos, so the competition is low. We hope to have a majority of the 360° content of the city on Google by the beginning of April. We’ll be in parks and at landmarks like the Google Map View below:

After nearly twenty 360° photos published with Google Maps and Google Street View, we have mastered the workflow. We can now plan and execute precise shots of locations and business, blur any sensitive content, post process, geo-tag, and publish the content without any hiccups. Just as well, other 360° photos we’ve found on Google Maps and Street View have obvious clipping issues or obstacles blocking your view. Our stitching is among the highest quality in Berlin and out composition of our photos is informed by our history in traditional photography, film, and 3D video games.

Capturing Local Business

We’re not stopping there. We’ll be choosing select store/company fronts to be featuring in our 360° capture of the city. According to a study done by Oxera, an independent market research firm, when searching for businesses, consumers user mapping products 44% of the time and 41% of those place searches end with a physical visit to the listing. According to the study, listings with virtual footage are 100% more likely to generate interest. You can find the study overview here. And Google best practice says that your Google business listing is your company’s most valuable asset.

We will be doing virtual tours, indoors and out, for select companies. If you want to teleport people into your business let us know. We’re offering a limited number of free spots. You can also sign up for our newsletter for updates.


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