Berlin in 360°: INFIDELIX and Spatial Audio

360° Sound and Spatial Text

Rapping on the streets of Berlin for the last three years, INFIDELIX, kills the subway stops in his free time. We caught him at Warschauer Station and decided to try out our new 3-channel stereoscopic mic and a new technique for implementing stereoscopic audio that was kindly shared by Robert Hernandez and Aurelia Soundworks co-founder, John Hendicott.

Mr. Hernandez lays out the steps for the technique perfectly. We downloaded Reaper and the Ambisonic Toolkit ATK. Hernandez suggests you use GoPro’s, 360° video player, Kolor Eyes to test the results, but we use the LG 360 Cam Viewer.  Hernandez also suggests iFFMpeg, but that is only for Mac OS. So, we used Format Factory.

We also wanted to play with text so we could provide everyone with some more information. The technique was not difficult for that, we used Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to achieve these effects. We tried attention-grabbing side scrolling text next to INFIDELIX, we wanted to focus attention on him, not take it away or cover him. But our favorite was inspired by our five years’ game design experience. Did you notice it toward the end? The name of the song and INFIDELIX’s contact info is created to appear as if it’s on the ground. This is known as spatial UI in video games.

Spatial UI
Spatial UI in Splinter Cell: Conviction by EA

We believe that spacial text deepens the immersive experience. And we’ll be exploring this in the future when appropriate. Please let us know what you thought about this 360° video and what you would have liked to see done differently in the comments below.


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