Marck Thornton

Social Impact Designer
Feature about fashion and social impact media projects by City Weekend Beijing.

An Award-winning writer and career interactive media designer, Marck Ernest Thornton was previously an editor for ‘Global Times,’ joining the news outlet in 2015 and an interactive media designer in the entertainment industry beginning in 2011. He first came to prominence as a journalist and designer in California with a string of arts and entertainment articles at local paper where he also designed layout and graphics. Thornton won the Excellence Award at the JACC NorCal Conference in 2010 and went on to write and design the 6waves top-ranking game, with over 25 million downloads,  ‘Bubble Epic,’ followed by the RedAtoms game ‘Pantheon the Legends,’ which he wrote and hosted community events for spanning a year and a half. Thornton currently resides in Berlin after five years in the entertainment industry, where he has begun designing interactive media solutions for social justice, while acting as a digital consultant for non-profits and NGOs. In the summer of 2015, Thornton’s tenure as producer and project manager on ‘150 Alice: The World’s Most Collaborative Art Book,’ a book designed to build art education in rural Mongolia, earned national press and strong reviews. In March 2016, he founded INTERACTIVE_MET and currently acts as writer and editor-in-chief.


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